Muskegon Drain Commissioner

The Muskegon County Drain Commissioner job pays $74,000 per year, includes health benefits, transportation and is an elected position void of educational requirements making it one of the most coveted positions around, especially in times like these.

The Drain Commissioner has an incredible amount of power with the ability to levy taxes and has the sole authority to select a person of their choosing to serve as deputy. This position is responsible for the planning, developing and maintenance of surface water drainage in your area. Drains can include large pipes to direct the flow of storm water or even artificial creeks.

The 2012 election for Muskegon Drain Commissioner was held on November 6th with Joe Ferrier running against democrat David Fisher who currently holds the position as commissioner.

Both these candidates appeared on the ballot for the General Election in 2010 with Dave Fisher winning with the help of union backing and served the last 2 years (The previous Commissioner, Hepler, was fired and prosecuted leaving a 2 year gap).

David Fisher again, with the backing of the unions, won the election bringing in 44,033 votes compared to Joe Ferrier’s 16,559. This lucrative position will not be available again until 2016.

Update: 10/06/2013 Mlive reports that Muskegon County Drain Commissioner Dave Fisher dies having ‘accomplished a lot’.

Stephanie Barret is serving as Drain Commissioner until the three person committee consisting of County Clerk Nancy Waters, Judge Neil Mullally and County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson, appoints a replacement. Stephanie plans on running for the spot along with former County Commissioner Scott Plummer and Joe Ferrier to name a few.

brenda-mooreUpdate 11/7/2013: Brenda M. Moore was appointed as the new Muskegon County Drain Commissioner at this morning’s meeting of the three person Statutory Committee consisting of County Clerk Nancy Waters, Judge Neil Mullally and County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson.

Brenda previously worked as Planning and Zoning Administrator for Muskegon Heights City Manager Natasha Henderson. The goal of the committee was to make an appointment to serve as Drain Commissioner before November 8, 2013 until a special election in November of 2014.

Brenda is also the owner of Clay Avenue Cellars at 611 W. Clay. A copy of Brenda’s resume submitted to the County of Muskegon Drain Department can be found at

Looking to run for the this position in November of 2014? If so, then visit the county website to learn more about the programs and services provided to the citizens of Muskegon.